Non-Series Titles

It's intended that these titles will cover much the same territory as the Love Romance and Business Series, but with a different set of characters facing different challenges.

Falling Off The Fast Track

Once upon a time, Samantha Hudnutt had it all: great job with what seemed to be a guaranteed future; wonderful friends; and enough men hanging around to give her the illusion of romantic involvement. Now, she's living in a borrowed loft, scrambling for consulting business, in debt to her shapely eyebrows, and with no idea of where the money for next month's utilities will come from. On top of everything else, she's suddenly realized that everyone she knows is pairing off, and the only men in her life are more interested in her willingness to support their ambitions than in her. Life would be perfect, she thinks, if she could only land a big corporate account and find a man who'll love her and not what she can do for him. Available in ebook and trade-paperback versions. Click here for a link to the Amazon product page.

As with the Love, Romance and Business Series, reader reaction has been varied. Some admire Sam's pluck and that she perseveres no matter what; others find the business setting too realistic and boring. Some like the fact that Sam is as focused on her work as on romantic entanglements; others think it's stupid that she's as concerned with her work as with men. Most found the conclusion satisfying; others thought it was too predictable.